Monday, April 23, 2018

Week 9 Update

To backtrack a little bit, we had our first ultrasound with our OB on 8w5d. They babies looked adorable and you could see their umbilical cords, and little nubs where their legs and arms are starting to grow. Their heart rates were 188 and 186. I only have 7 days left of medicine including today. Actually I still take Progesterone suppositories for 2 more weeks after that, but those don't bother me at all. I'm just glad to be done with PIO shots and especially the estrogen suppositories.

I was able to find the babies' heartbeats with my home Doppler at 8w4d last week and it was the coolest thing ever. I try not to use it too much though because it freaks me out when it takes me a while to find them.

Symptoms-wise I feel mostly the same. Still having horrible nausea and vomiting, and Zofran now only keeps me from throwing up but does not completely take away the nausea like it was doing. I also deal with constipation some still too. I've been able to sleep better since weaning off of the steroid as I don't have to get u a dozen times to use the bathroom now.

My next doctor appointment isn't until May 14, when I'll have my 12 week scan to check for genetic defects. I did decline all genetic testing besides that scan.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Week 8 Update - Scary ER Visit

I had my first prenatal appointment today and it went great. But yesterday was one of the scariest days ever. I was at church when I went to do my 2pm estrogen suppository and noticed I was bleeding pretty heavily. I completely freaked out and we rushed to the ER. They took some blood and did a scan. Everything came back normal. I was able to see both babies and they had heart rates of 150 and 170. They discharged me and said my cervix is bruised so I could be bleeding from that, but otherwise I and the babies looked completely normal and healthy. My OB today did a pelvic exam and said the same thing. I go for a scan with her on Friday at 4pm. I'll be 8w5d.

My OB decided that due to my previous septoplasty and since I'm having twins, she wants to deliver the twins via C-Section at 37 weeks so November 5th, which is the day before my birthday. Only 203 day until they arrive!

I'm still very nauseas and have to take Zofran pretty much every day. I also have to go to the bathroom all the time. One horrible side effect of pregnancy and from taking the Zofran is really bad constipation. I did find that the glycerin suppositories work great.

Update - Another scary bleeding episode on 4/17. Went to the ER and was sent home again. Everything looks normal. Keeping my scan on Friday at 4pm.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Week 7 Update

Not much is going on besides I'm still throwing up ever single day even sometimes after taking Zofran. These babies are kicking my butt. We received our double stroller in the mail this week thanks to my grandparents, and we have it in the nursery now too. My next doctor appointment isn't until a week from today when I'll be 8w1d. I'm sooo ready to see the babies again as it's so scary knowing something could happen to one or both of them between the last ultrasound and next week.

Two sort of weird/scary things happened this past week. On Friday I realized that the very bottom of my stomach near my hip bones is now hard and I can't suck it in any more which is such a weird feeling. I can't believe I'm already getting the start of a bump. The other thing that happed was while staying at my parents house over the weekend I tripped and fell on our suitcase and landed right on my stomach. Thankfully I know the babies are still very low and most likely didn't take any impact, but I was very sore and crampy for the rest of the night.

Main Symptoms:

Fatigue (this is getting better though)
Sore breasts/nipples