Friday, November 17, 2017

My Laparoscopy/Hysteroscopy Experience

Yester I had laparoscopy and hysteroscopy surgery. The hysteroscopy foxed the septum in my yetis so I’m good to go now. The laparoscopy did fine endometriosis on my uterus, vaginal wall and appendix. He said my appendix was starting to get inflamed so he went ahead and took it out. The surgery went ok. I had a scary recovery because I couldn’t breath good at all and they almost made me stay overnight. I’m just super sore and bruised up. I was also very nauseas and threw up several times from the anesthesia and pain medicine. But I’m feeling some better today and I hope to go back to work on Monday.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Pre-Op Appointment Is Completed

I spent almost 2 hours yesterday with my RE and the hospital lab to complete all of my pre-op requirements. We are cleared and ready for surgery on November 16 at 12pm. He's very optimistic about being able to completely fix the septum in my uterus and clean out any endometriosis that he may find.

He reviewed DH's latest semen analysis and was encouraged by the results. He did of course say that IVF with ICSI is still our only option and that he still recommends that we have a vial of donor sperm back up just in case DH's sample that day does not have any motile sperm. He said I should be able to do IVF 2 months after surgery, so I'm hoping to start in January.

I don't plan on using my RE for IVF because, simply put, his prices are more than we can afford. I have a phone consult with Dr. Grossman at CNY Fertility in New York on December 1 to discuss doing IVF there. Even with travel and increased monitoring costs, we will still save anywhere from $7,000-10,000. I'm hoping to do all required pre-IVF testing by the end of this year and hopefully do my retrieval by February.

Friday, November 3, 2017

We Have Sperm!

So we received DH’s results today and he has 800,000 sperm per cc. He’s obviously super excited. I thought I would be, but I actually had a really tough time with it. Now I have to wait a very long time for my baby because ivf is so expensive. It just really sucks. I’m SO tired of waiting. I want my baby now.